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Our Philosophy

We are a small pediatric office offering personal, high-quality service in a very child- friendly environment. Our goal is simply to be the best pediatric practice in Santa Cruz County. We take pride in the trust, confidence, and rapport we have with families, and we never forget that it is a privilege to provide medical care to children.

We believe that our practice offers parents the opportunity to have all their concerns listened to and addressed, and to participate in medical decision-making whenever possible. The “job” of raising children is the toughest (and the very best) job of all. We therefore honor and respect parents’ ideas, opinions, and perceptions of their kids. We also strongly believe in encouraging kids’ autonomy, validating their feelings, and treating them as individuals who are intelligent and creative. Establishing rapport with the kids, and with parents is what it’s all about!

Since we are a “solo” practice, our kids always see the same physician; this reduces the anxiety that children often have with new people and situations. For many kids, doctor visits can be traumatic and difficult; so seeing the same friendly, familiar faces here is comforting and reassuring. Maybe that’s why most of our patients actually like coming here. You just won’t hear much crying in this office, but you might hear a lot of laughing! We take our responsibility very seriously, but we also try to make things as fun and low- key as possible. Providing comfort, pain control, and reducing anxiety around immunizations and other procedures is a high priority with us. We want families to have positive experiences with us and we try hard to make that happen.

None of us exist in a vacuum. This certainly goes for children as well. Transitions or problems in the child’s environment may have profound and negative effects which can manifest as decreased resistance to illness and infection, behavior disturbance, changes in appetite and sleep. Knowing what’s going on in a child’s life often provides us useful insight and helps us come up with ideas and solutions for parents. Our families appreciate this “holistic” approach; they know that we respect their individuality and humanity.

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Happy New Year! Hope everyone had nice holidays.

Colder weather means kids confined indoors at school hours at a time, close contact, sharing lots of germs, and dry, heated indoor air. We don’t want parents or kids to become germaphobes, but we would encourage kids to wash hands after using the bathroom, and before eating; to cough into the crook of the elbow, and to keep little fingers away from the nose. Separate hand and face towels at home, and not sharing food at lunchtime are good ideas. Older kids – especially in high school – often get stressed from pressure to get good grades, frequent tests, time doing extracurricular activities, social stresses, doing college applications, anxiety over their future, etc. Good time management, good diet and getting enough sleep will help prevent burnout and illnesses.

Influenza is showing up now. People use the word “flu” to mean all sorts of things. For us doctors, “flu” means influenza, a really nasty – sometimes very serious - infection. The very young and the elderly are at higher risk for serious complications from influenza. Children from 6 months age and up can be immunized. Call us for an appointment.

If your child is in college this fall, and especially if (s)he will be living in a dorm, we recommend getting the meningococcal B (Bexsero) vaccine. This protects against bacteria which has caused a number of meningitis outbreaks on college campuses around the country. It’s a series of 2 injections a month apart. This is a deadly serious bug that can be prevented!

Just a reminder to please try and call us before jumping in the car and going to the ER or urgent care with your child. Many such visits can be avoided if you call us for phone advice. “High” fever in toddlers (103-104) is rarely an emergency. Just treat the fever and call us for further guidance. You will probably avoid unnecessary blood tests, x-rays, and other procedures by doing this.

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Advances in car safety, including safety belts, infant and toddler car seats, improvements in highway design, greater enforcement of DUI laws, and advanced car design have had a big impact on the rate of injuries and deaths of children. Look at this link: Then and Now